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Cerglass MFG Inc.  
HuiZhou Shi SongLong LiShang Electronics CO.,LTD  
 VDR   Varistor           History

1981 The first varistor factory in Taiwan (trademark SAS)

1995 与台湾工研院合作生产新世代压敏电阻/中国惠州设立生产基地(商标VDR)

1995 Cooperate with Taiwan Institute of technology to produce new generation varistor /

establish production base in Huizhou, China (trademark VDR)

1997 并购台湾超联科技/东莞宝升 中国东莞设立第二工厂 (商标MOV)

1997 Acquisition of Taiwan ChaoLian technology / Dongguan Baosheng set up the second

 factory (trademark mov) in Dongguan, China

1999 台湾康泰集团专业贴片压敏(MLV)/热敏(NTC)/陶瓷放电管(GDT)TVS

1999 MLV / NTC / GDT and TVs 2003 惠州市嵩隆力上电子为唯一UL+CUL/VDE/CQC安规制造工厂.


2003 We are the only UL + cul / VDE / CQC safety manufacturing factory

2004 OEM 美国力特/韩国阿莫泰克/完成来料加工转内销企业.

2004 OEM American LITE / Korea amotech / complete processing of incoming materials to

domestic sales enterprises

2006 迁厂惠州市惠阳区沙田厂,扩大芯片生产规模.

2006 We moved to Shatin factory, Huiyang District, Huizhou City, to expand the scale of

chip production

2008 取得UL第三版、VDE IEC 60950-1CQC(3KA /6KV)电源、通讯最新系列认证.

2008 It obtained the latest series certification of UL version 3, VDE IEC 60950-1, CQC

(6KV / 3kA) power supply and communication

2010 东莞市嵩隆力上电子成立专业制造Y1,X2安规电容器

2010 Dongguan Songlong Lishang Electronics Co., Ltd. established a professional

manufacturer of Y1, X2 safety capacitors

2011 台湾康泰集团专业生产三相压敏/散热片(SIC)/保险丝等保护元件

2011 Taiwan Kangtai Group specializes in the production of three-phase pressure sensitive

 / heat sink (SIC) / fuse and other protection elements

2012 扩充新厂规格增设压敏电阻厂前段后段生产设备,

2012 We expanded the specifications of the new plant and added production equipment for

the front and rear sections of the varistor plant,

2013 取得中国美的/华为/华帝/日本松下等知名家电龙头采用及认证

2013 It was adopted and certified as a leading household appliance manufacturer by China

 Midea / Huawei / Vantage / Panasonic, Japan, etc

2015 全系列升级认证通过UL 1449 Type5 /VDE IEC60950 125

2015 Series upgrade certification UL 1449 type5 / VDE IEC60950 125 degrees

2016 扩充新厂全自动7合一产线设备,产能增至每月40-50KK

2016 Fully automatic 7-in-1 production line equipment of the new plant was expanded, with

 the capacity increased to 40-50kk per month

2017 组合波系列全面入市,确保客户端产品取得最新安规要求标准认证通过

2017 Combo series has been put into the market in an all-round way to ensure that the client

products have passed the standard certification required by latest safety regulations

2018 UL 全球第一家通过以环氧树脂认证125度工作/升级CUL 最新版要求

2018 UL is the first one in the world to pass the epoxy certification for 125 degree work /

upgrade the latest version of cul requirements

2019 开发全自动卧式贴片压敏/防爆盒/防火套管生产,因应LED 线性驱动要求

2019 We will develop the production of full-automatic horizontal SMT pressure-sensitive /

explosion-proof box / fire-proof sleeve to meet the requirements of LED linear drive

2020 低压超高能芯片确立,认证汽车/防雷模块/绿能通讯5G要求/电源行业

2020 Low voltage and ultra-high energy chips are established to certify the automobile /

lightning protection module / green energy communication 5g requirements / power

Industry 升级VDE IEC 62368-1:2018/G.8.1 60950-1:2013 Annex Q 完成

Upgrade VDE IEC 62368-1:2018 / G.8.1 60950-1:2013 annex Q complete 

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